Monday, February 1, 2010


I know I posted that beautful post before but at exactly 8.25pm tonight, outside caught my eye...

The sky was lit up. It was pink. A beauty full pink. I couldn't believe it.

I snatched my camera and made a bee line for the back door. As i stood out there, camera in hand, i literally whispered to myself repeatedly, "it's pink, the sky is actually pink." I shot 20 shots before i turned around to go inside. When i looked back over my shoulder, the beauty of the sky was gone.

See today is the first day of February, meaning in five days it marks the third year Sheye Rosemeyer and her family have been without their Ava. Naturally being a beautiful young girl, her favourite colour was pink. And to see the sky tonight, lit up for only five minutes or so, truly made me think, no it actully made me believe, that there is a heaven, a place were we go after we die.

Out of all the nights in the year. Tonight, the first of February the sky was a glorious Pink. And it only lasted moments before the wind took over and darkness followed. I captured it. I have it here, and it's beauty full.

Sheye has been my inspiration into photography, and naturally i owe a lot of credit to her for all my ideas and even the type of camera i purchased. I'm sending my love to her family this month...

Enjoy the beauty full sky :)

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