Monday, February 28, 2011


So the poem goes,

'Ordinary day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.'

Why i love this poem so much? It rings far too true. Billions of moments pass us by every second, but we focus on the negative. Why? I will never know. I am guilty of doing it myself, but life is easier when we blur the background and focus on the foreground - what's important, what actually matters. Be aware of the treasure you are surrounded by.

Then, stop carrying around excess worry and fear. It brings you down.


Images tonight come from a school fundraiser, from Saturday.

Grade 12 demands are calling my name,

K xo 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fresh eyes.

My life has felt out of focus lately.



A little like this aeroplane. 

But tonight, i picked up my camera. Through the lens, with fresh eyes, I focused the world.

I cleared the blur.

I calmed myself.

I am dependent on my passion, dependent on creativity and forever craving new photos. But sometimes life gets in the way. However, being away from doing what I love to do, shows me that it isn't just a phase, but now an inbuilt part of me. The feeling i get from being behind the lens is irreplaceable, and i know that no matter how long i am away from my camera, the feeling is still there the moment i pick it back up. I am myself again. I can see the world with fresh eyes again. And how incredible that is. 

And in other news:

1. The blog has had another make-over - can you see? Tell me what you think, and don't forget to check out the new pages :)

2. My last school swimming carnival ever - cue the sigh. 


K xx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

These words of mine, they always fail.


After an extremely rough 24 hours, and a couple of ‘off’ days after that, I am myself again.

Let's just hope that this time it lasts. I am still with a billion antibiotics, and i haven’t seen the last of the hospital, but right now – i am out of pain, and i am okay.

Once again, this is a kick in the gut that reminds me to be thankful for my health when i have it. Words, my words, they always fail me when i need to get my point across but I’ll try:

I am glad that this infection is curable.

I am grateful that I will get better.

I am so, unbelievably thankful for my health.

20100622-IMG_3449Something else I am thankful for today?

My super photogenic best friend who celebrates her seventeenth birthday today.

Again, words fail me.

Pictures do not.

Happy Birthday beautiful.


The two of us; June 2010.


Much love and thanks for all your get well soon messages! :)

K xxxx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick and sicker.

Remember how i said i felt better, and my wisdom were gone for good, and la la la everything was fine and dandy?

Well it was. Until a few days ago.

I've developed a big infection and the hideous swelling, inability to eat and agonising pain is back. It sucks..big time.

So it's off to the hospital we go, to my dismay.

I'm in need of another operation will be staying there for a few days.

Just wanting to let all of you beautiful followers, and anonymous readers that I will be out for a while but hopefully will be back very soon - and this time for real - much better.

Love to you all!

K xx

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Things are looking a little different around here, and I think i like it.

What do you think?

Today is February Fifth - four years since Ava Rosemeyer left.

Today is a day of heartache but also awareness. To remind you all to hug your family tighter, love louder, and cherish the ordinary things in life.

Much love,

K xx