Saturday, February 9, 2013


Today was a gem. 

"I'm sitting at this wine night and I'm feeling significantly older. But most importantly I feel content. I'm standing in the doorway looking out at the table, lit only by candles and these people I love are sitting around and all of a sudden someone says something funny and everyone erupts into laughter, and in that moment I feel thoroughly content and thankful and everything else in between. And I hope they do too. I love them, I am lucky.

Like I have said before, I love photographing new people and all that it ensues but the images of the ones I love, well those are the images I marvel over most."

I'm feeling full and happy. Have a lovely evening xo

Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Collection

Hi to the images I was meant to blog 1-4 weeks ago, but didn't. 
Three cups of tea later, I give you a very mixed up version of unblogged photos.
Better late than never.

Thank you January, and thank you to the faces above this for your bravery. While most of these people I know, some I met for the first time when I asked them if i could take their picture. They say there a few things more intimate than photographing a stranger, and I agree, beautiful nonetheless.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Melbourne Diaries

These images are from last weeks short trip to Melbourne with my good friend Amelia. 
We ate too much, walked a lot, over-used our bank accounts, and shot lots of pretty pictures. 

Melbourne and all that occupy, you are pretty, lively, inspiring, and fulfilling, thank you for having us. We loved you. 

We will be seeing you again soon. 


PS, this blog has a new face, I hope you like it like I do. I will be here more often I promise.