Monday, December 27, 2010

Look how far we’ve come:


A little late but Merry Christmas to everyone :)

Christmas this year marks one year since i first opened my eyes to the world of photography with an SLR. It was love at first sight. And all i can say is wow, and thankyou.

Enjoy the select few snaps of our quiet Christmas.

And hey in the New Year, I’ll be back on track with posting, for sure. I miss you all,

K xx



- Note: yes, that is me in the reflection…(it’s my new way of ‘getting into’ the photograph)



I don’t think Mum’s face has actually made an appearance on here so drum roll please..this is mum. And she wants you to know that she looks this way because she woke at 5.o0am that morning to a certain boy eager for presents.


So there we go.

How was your Christmas? Quiet, loud, big, eventful? Let me know :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Three weeks later:

Three weeks it took to connect the Internet at our new house. Only a little bit frustrating.

But I’m back, i have missed you all!

IMG_7817-3The natural light in our main bathroom is to-die-for.

Now comes the tough task of choosing prints for the white and plain walls.

IMG_7770-2 Anyway, nothing too much to say except that i hope you have all been well and I will take this oppurtunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to send your questions for upcoming Q&A here: :)

Much love,

K xx