Friday, March 15, 2013


"But where love is, fear won't tread.
All of these friends here agree,
We are right where we should be" 

Many thanks to you, Natalia + Sean.

& the very last frame I took sums up the entire day: 

I will do a much larger post when all the images are done, and I have picked my favourites. 

Until then xx 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goodbye to The Gap

It is technically my last night of freedom, before the University year starts, and the gap year ends. Not a time I'd thought about in too much detail, not a time I thought would swing around this fast. 

During April 2012, I spent idyllic weeks traveling from one coast to the other. It's almost been a year since, and i love the images all the same. These photographs are those of which have not seen the light of day on this blog yet, and I believed tonight would be an appropriate time to share. 

So tonight, my friends, I suppose I am homesick for a place that's not quite home. 

And to our friends across the ocean, we miss you & love you and hope to see you soon.