Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the {not so late} hours of the evening...

I lie in bed, and attempt to fall to sleep.

Some nights I'll put on my iPod, and listen to something right before i go to bed and another nights I'll just lie there and just be.

But. Last night. I tried something else. I've kinda being worrying that as the days pass i'll forgot good things, things that once made me smile brightly and giggle softly and things that once mattered. Sometimes i believe life goes soooo fast that we forget the day to day things, ya know? I'm not into that. So in the quiet of a very hot night last night, i put on "The three of us" and lay there.

Breathing evenly, things began to flood back. Almost like it was literally a slideshow. Throwing petals in my old garden, sitting in class last year on soo many days, driving down the free way with the windows down with my lover, sitting in a t-shirt sipping soup on the couch in New Zealand, tripping down the stairs the first day of ski trip, laughs, colours, sounds. But most importantly to me; hugs i forgot about. Suddenly i felt the biggest urge to cry, it was so weird.

See when i do this; it's kinda a reminder to me that life ain't so bad after all. I have those memories, i've had those times. It's been good. It is good.

You think you forget things, but you really don't. If you lie there and you concerntrate the memories will flood. Things you once loved or still love, things you once smiled for will still be there, you just have to let them come :)

Good stuff.

Good night.

{Sorry if this post made no sense; I'm probably secretely insane...just a heads up.}

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  1. Sara White PhotographyFebruary 11, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    I've done this like a charm :)

    Adore you're work girl, you have a real talent!


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