Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautiful Procrastination.

i need this in canvas size on my new favourite image:

who knew street blossoms could transform into pure magic?

Spent a good hour re-editing and re-vamping some outtakes from the Casper&Pearl shoot.

Beautiful procrastination sure is beautiful.

Til next time i choose photos over Biology,

Much love X

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Class of 2011

I started to write this post at least seven times, but continuously sighed and hit the backspace button, dissatisfied and wondering how on Earth I could appropriately sum up my week. The answer lies within the lines of that very dilemma. It’s next to impossible to articulate how it felt to finish school; instead it’s a collection of emotion, not a collection of words. I deliberately waited a few days before I tried to write, thinking I’d let myself go through the motions so I could reach the other side, sigh contentedly and write my heart out…with it all seamlessly making sense. Shame on me for thinking four days would lend me the time I need to swim through those motions.

Each emotion marches on in, feeling like it’s here to stay, before the other sweeps in and quickly takes it place.  There is happy and sad, anxious and excited, worried and enthusiastic, nervous and glad. There is ‘so incredibly sad to say goodbye to the elements of that life, and so incredibly thrilled to say hello to freedom and travel and beginning something else.’ It would be nice, one day in the coming days to reach the balance between both. I think, possibly maybe, that balance will come once I am rid of final exams and NEW YORK is that little bit closer…Sayonara school, hello City that never sleeps.  


Our final assembly. Pictured: Danielle, Amelia, Rosie, Myself, Ella and Clare

 Ella and Myself

A few images of Sophie from tonight. Clicking away is my healing. Better than a massage or spa I swear.

In her school dress, how fitting.

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FINALLY - To each of the amazing girls apart of class of 2011. Each of you is so incredible, and each of you will do something amazing with your life, i am just excited i will get to witness it. Make sure you put your trust in what you love, and you will end up right where you need to be. I promise :) 

All my love, XX

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good Life.

It's 8.48pm and I am procrastinating. I have mock exams in merely days. I have my real exams in under four weeks. I have so much to do, and quite literally, not enough time. I have an enormous assignment due very soon. I also have infected sinuses. (Thanks for that one immune system - i love counting on you in my times of need.) I am finishing school...I am finishing school. 

However, I am in no position to complain. I am almost done. I've said it all year, but really, i can taste summer and I can smell freedom. It's whirling towards me in slow motion, in a way that makes it seem so close to me, but so slow to arrive. But when it does arrive? Oh! I can tell it's going to be nothing short of sweet, and every bit worth the time it took to arrive. 

And freedom for me? The Good Life. I am looking forward to treating myself and finally being able to do things i haven't been able to do this year. Who knows where this will take me. Big things like traveling to NEW YORK (April 15th, baby! I am already counting down!) and little things like one day without study or guilt from not studying (aka. right now.)


So here's to finishing 13 years of schooling in just days, 
Here's to freedom of 2012; quick to ignite and slow to burn.
Hear me when I say, I'm ready to soak up every second.
(and return as a faithful blogger)

iPhone: how i love thee. When Canon has seen nothing but the inside of my cupboard for a month, you do me proud.
Images are a mix of indoor golfing, sunsets that save my sanity, my study space, my notes, my sassy sister, my beautiful friends and my gorgeous godson, charlie.  

From my study space to yours,
K xx

Monday, October 3, 2011


“I’ve decided I’m going to start charging you 10 cents per photograph you take of me,” said Alex while i hurriedly snapped to steal the last light of this summery day.

“It’s a dog eat dog world out there, Katherine.” And with that i had to shield my grin behind my lens. Brother knows far too much for a kid.

So apparently, I owe the boy just over a dollar. High price for entertainment.


That Milo yoghurt he’s consuming is the bribery for a few pretty snaps of his cute face. Boy hasn’t learnt that concept yet. I’ve still got time.


I’m a sucker for his sharp, brown eyes.

On another note; I have four weeks til I am finished with school. I will most likely be absent but may appear within this time to savour my sanity.


Study, sleep, repeat.


Hope you have a fabulous whatever-day-it-is-when-you’re-reading-this.