Thursday, July 11, 2013


Join me at my new home:

I will leave this blog up as I can't bring myself to deleting all these years worth of posting but come on over to the brand new place!

See you there.

All my love. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

picks from my pocket [part two]

The accessibility of an iPhone romantically paired with my undying love for capturing almost anything remotely attractive and/or worth remembering combines to form an abundance of images in my "camera roll."

As much as I'd love to take my slr everywhere, everyday, unfortunately this isn't always practical. However, with the loveable technology of smart phones, and handy applications [afterlight, vsco etc] capturing worthy iPhone shots is becoming easier. 

So, my friends, I encourage you to be snap happy and record the things in everyday life you like. Have something to look back on.

Below are some of my favourite snaps from the last 6 months. 

bella, being tattooed. 

sophie, hour two, in the emergency room 

the man who feeds the pigeons 

autumn at the triplets house

child minding

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picks from my pocket [part one] 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


"I don't know what I want. I don't know who I want to be. I don't know anything right now, I just don't know, and this is scary to me." 

- fifteen years old, scribbled in a diary [don't worry, i kind of laughed too when i read this.]

For the purpose of this post here is a mental image of 'age 15.' [Ella and I at an Adelaide lookout. Yeah, I'm risking public humiliation to aid this writing.]

I found these stark words in an old "I'm a teenager and I have a lot of feelings" diary tonight. Along with this, coincidentally, Ella forwarded me a link to a list of things I longed for in my future, also written when i was fifteen years old. I look back, and understandably, barely recognise the words on the page, let alone the feelings of this girl, although it is still I. Back in 2009, I was struggling to sleep through the night and eventually even received sleep therapy for this. It was the very middle of my parents' divorce and while I stubbornly never attributed the insomnia to this, four years later i can recognise that yes, that was the probable cause. I remember right before I picked up 'photography' I was somewhat lost - as most fifteen year olds find themselves to be. But i really struggled with the concept of my future, when I felt drastically unstable in the present. It's a gift to have kept these words of mine, and look back now - nineteen years old - with a different perspective. I am nowhere near where I guessed I would be. Cliche, perhaps, but literally no. where. near. At fifteen I dreamed of med school, and at nineteen found myself in law school. I liked the idea of a camera, but didn't see myself doing anything with it other than taking some 'nice shots' of my family. If you'd have told me I'd be be accepted into an American college for photography at 17, just two years later, I would have deemed you insane. 

This idea keeps me awake. 

I was questioning my direction again tonight. I had Bon Iver wailing from my speakers and felt very fifteen again. Am I doing the right degree? Should I be doing this? What do I even want? And it struck me. If i can figure it out, in the messy centre of the teenage years, I will do it again. If people all over the world can figure it out, I will too. Hell if you're thinking in the slightest you agree with any of this, you will too. If you're nodding your head in silent agreement, you. will. too. 

This is all I have for you & I. No guaranteed answers, and unfortunately no fortune cookie with 100% accuracy. Just a sentiment from a 19 y/o girl pumping her fist and feeling very 'YES WE CAN.'

Goodnight, xo 

These are old, i've probably blogged them before, but here they are potentially for the second time because i love them all the same and i still love this shoot. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sophie & Emily, January 2013

These images are actually a clue into what ideas and spinning from my mind right now. I am going to be hosting an exhibition, hopefully over Winter this year. I will reveal details a little later when more is finalised but for now enjoy these portraits of my two sisters, Soph & Em, from back in January this year.


Friday, March 15, 2013


"But where love is, fear won't tread.
All of these friends here agree,
We are right where we should be" 

Many thanks to you, Natalia + Sean.

& the very last frame I took sums up the entire day: 

I will do a much larger post when all the images are done, and I have picked my favourites. 

Until then xx 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goodbye to The Gap

It is technically my last night of freedom, before the University year starts, and the gap year ends. Not a time I'd thought about in too much detail, not a time I thought would swing around this fast. 

During April 2012, I spent idyllic weeks traveling from one coast to the other. It's almost been a year since, and i love the images all the same. These photographs are those of which have not seen the light of day on this blog yet, and I believed tonight would be an appropriate time to share. 

So tonight, my friends, I suppose I am homesick for a place that's not quite home. 

And to our friends across the ocean, we miss you & love you and hope to see you soon.