Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Casper&Pearl Fashion Show

 The model's getting ready:

All i can say is, keep your pretty little eyes cast on the ever growing beauty of Casper&Pearl the label. The whimsy and vintage styles will have you at your knees. Stacey Hendrickson is one talented lady who you will be seeing much more of in the future.

Wonderful night had by all, thank-you to the girls for letting me photograph them. Thank-you Stacey for letting me bear witness to your master-pieces on show.

Much love,

K xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That kid.

The poor youngest boy in our house hold is riddled with sickness. 

While waiting for mum to return from work I was attending to his every need. 

How do i deal with a sick 9 year old?

Plain rice.

Snapping his shot while he sleeps, and dying inside at the way he does so. 

The dog posessively watches on. She knows whats up. 

And more naps.

10 days til this brother of mine turns 10.

He'll be 10, and I'll be 18 and there's just so much in between. He's reaching the other side of 10, and I'm about to reach adult hood. In age we are so different, but then again we are so much the same. And i think he's taught me more than I have taught him.

I don't know how much longer he'll let me snap his photo. Not sure when the response to the lens will shift from 'okay' to 'oh my god, go away.' Because in my mind he's a compliant 5 year old kid, not a 10 year old boy.   

Happy September to all,