Sunday, June 17, 2012

write about not being able to write

sophia, may 2012
sophie, tonight

tess, march 2012
tess, march 2012

For tonights post I wanted to write something spectactular, to leave you all full with images and words. Instead, I'm talking to dear Amelia whining about not being given the gift to write perfectly strung together essays that describe my photos. She says: 'write about not being able to write.'

For me, there is always reoccurring scenario when it comes to writing a blog post. I write something, I change a few words, highlight the entire thing and press delete. Repeat. Repeat again. Sit on the floor, play some Bon Iver, decide not to write.

In new york, i tried to keep a diary but the only thing that was written was 'this city is the most photogenic city in the entire world' *insert a couple of badly drawn taxis and a smiley face*

Sometimes, i just cannot do it. 

But the more i think about it, the more i realise that shouldn't sharing the images be enough. Maybe i don't have to explain something to you. I give you the images, and you can take what you want, or what you do not want from them. The photographs should speak for themselves.

So i shall let these photos from all over the place do the talking, and I will share more soon.

Be well, 
the band 'set sail' at barrio - march 2012