Sunday, October 31, 2010

My breather.

Is how I’ve come to describe photography.

It is my breather. I let go of tension i didn’t know I was holding when i snap away, and when I process an image in editing that i adore, I breath another sigh, another breath i didn’t know I was holding. IMG_6449-2

IMG_6569-2Just how amazing are her eyes…IMG_6496-2IMG_6538-2 IMG_6542-3

And something written a while back, most probably when I was in my world of I-have-no-motivation:

What is beauty? Is it a face, a feature or a colour? Is it a song, a dance or a star? Is it a moment? A consuming, breath stopping, heart aching moment? They say, you’ll know it when you see it, you’ll feel it, then you’ll know. Well, you see…I’ve beat the system. I’ve figured that it’s ordinary moments, that we pass by, that we take for granted and live and breathe. It’s moments we live through each and everyday that are full of beauty, but we don’t realize til someone takes a photograph, and captures that beauty. Then you realize you’re living it. It’s all around you. You. You are beauty.

And the pictures, they are from today’s Halloween party. While we don’t celebrate it much here in Australia, we still like to dress up sometimes :) Scarier-not-so-beautiful images coming soon..

Til then, have a wonderful day where-ever you may be.

K xx

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celebration Day 2010.

I had the pleasure of photographing the year 12’s (seniors..for all you Americans out there) last day at school on Friday.

It was such an emotional but amazing day, and i was so lucky to be able to capture most of it. There is no way i could share all of it, (as all of it is actually 300 photos) but I’ll share a bit.

I will miss these girls.





With much love,

K xx

PS – I am sincerely sorry for my lack of blogging as of late. I’ve been so busy that it is actually running me down, and I’ve been back and forth between the doctors having tests. Turns out I’m actually severely anaemic. For anyone out there who has it, you know what I’m talking about. You just feel terrible, all the time. So i am so sorry to all who still read and comment…I adore you. And i promise, I’m trying to get back to a routine of this :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where oh where?




I think I’ve left my heart, inspiration and motivation with the ocean.

I’m not quite sure how to get it back.

K xx

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

“The cure for anything: Salt water, Tears or Sweat”

…is what the famous saying says.

After my huge disappointment, my family and i packed up for the long weekend and headed for the beach.

3 days of sunshine, the beach, music, a local carnival, close friends, my second family, my best friends, dresses and shorts and relaxation looks like this:


Insert huge sigh here. Australian Summer is on it’s way.



 carrickcollage IMG_2201-2 IMG_2560-2

IMG_2871-3 IMG_2824-2

No Alex didn’t get the chickenpox while we were away, but yes, the mosquitoes ate him alive. Explains his grumpy expression. That, paired with the fact it was around 8am.

 morningsatcarrickIMG_2839-2 IMG_3027-2 IMG_2248-2

As usual, which is your favourite?

What else do i have to say?

The universe works in a strange way. After huge disappointment and a ‘blah’ week, this was just what i needed.So I’m ready again, I’m myself again..for now :)

K xx

PS- check this out: Inspiration at it’s best.