Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life through a lens. {Is a beautiful thing}

Ahhh last night we were standing under pink skies, on the road and graced with sun...

Tonight...it's hazy, dreary and thundery.

Perfect weather to write one of my 'musings.'

I take pictures to remember, to not let the days pass from one to another and fade into a hurried blur. I take pictures to look back on in a year or so and think, “hey yeah, that was February second, when it was cold and rainy and I was attempting Chemistry..and failed” I take photos to remember everything, to capture everything and not let things slide. {I'm a very sentimental person, if you haven't realized...}

Take the pictures of Emily for example. I dressed her up like that for two purposes, one for Ava, and two; for her. For her to look back, in the years to come, and remember me taking the time to brush her hair and finally allow her to wear my beloved 'ballet costume' so we could take some photos together. So she can show her kids the beauty of the sun flare, and so she and my parents can remember Emily at age 10. Her eyes, her nose and her hair. Everything, because, everyday, everything changes. Capture it while you can, capture the ordinary, because years later, it won't be the ordinary.

In the end, what makes up your life is memories. What you did, who you were with and how you did it. Capture to remember, to cherish, and to love.

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