Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rosie is Red.

Where words fall through and fail me, photographs do not. 

Winter 2011 will be a big one. Watch this space.

With love,


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winter Glory.

The flood of continuous events specifically diagnosed as my life has hit me hard lately. The days have folded away, night after night, passing me by so quickly. But quickly doesn't mean smoothly. I know I have spoken more than a thousand times here of my never-ending state of busy, but this is not busy, this is chaotic and challenging.

How do i deal with it? We can rise or fall. Instinctively, we all choose to rise. The ebb and flow of life, i believe, is a series of dips and peaks. Rising and falling, or fumbling if you will. Nothing is every permanent. 

So i was in a 'fall' state last week. I blame the weather. Cold, wet, cloudy. I also blame school. Stressful, tiring and never-ending. 

I'd forgotten how 'live in the moment,' or 'enjoy the small things' and got caught in the big picture. Whenever this happens I know i need to be creative. 

That brings me to yesterday, Saturday. 

Packed up some clothes, straightened Ella's hair (1.5 hour process, i kid you not,) packed camera bag for the first time in a looooong time and drove to my favourite shooting location.

Here they are, for you to enjoy as well: enjoy the small things.

 The butterfly is real. We were amazed too.


And one last treat. Rosie kindly shot this video for me yesterday and put it together for me last night. A little behind the scenes look at where we were today:

Let us know here what you think of the video, and of course your favourite image from the shoot.

K xx