Monday, February 8, 2010

My life on paper.

Sometimes I try to write songs.

I'll sit at the piano, and write and write. Most of the songs never make sense, just a lot of mumbo jumbo. I'll write endless verses and chorus' but they never have a start, middle and end. Always just sections.

So tonight i found a song. It's what i want to say, in a song, written by my lover.

I feel like I'm
A million miles away
From myself
More and more these days
I've been down
So many open roads
But they never lead me home
And now i just don't know
Who i really am
How it's gonna be
Is there something that I can't see
I just wanna understand

Maybe I will never be
Who I was before

Maybe I don't know her anymore

Maybe who I am today

Ain't so far from yesterday

Can I find a way to be

Every part of me

So I'll try
Try to sort things out
And find myself
Get my feet back on the ground
It'll take time
But I know I'll be alright
Cuz nothing much has changed
On the inside
It's hard to figure out
How it's gonna be
Cuz I don't really know now
I wanna understand

Read those lyrics. Don't just skim....actually read. It's what i have wanted to say in words but couldn't.

Ahhhh. And it wouldn't be a post without a picture. Taken a few days ago. A fallen flower, just laying there on the path :)

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