Sunday, August 28, 2011

Youth Fountain

'There comes a point in our lives when we have to say goodbye to childhood and venture out in the adult world. A world full of 'musts' 'shoulds' and 'responsibilities' and a startling lack of fun. With so much pressure to achieve and so little time to enjoy oneself it may seem that the childish joy of doing nothing is in danger of being lost forever.'

Images from a shoot quite a while ago with two little boys, the brothers of beautiful Beth.

Thumbing through a book i was given in 2009 tonight, and came across that quote. It then goes on to say that youthful minds are never 'lost.' We may grow up and be stained by the seriousness of the adult world but you can find yourself again by resorting back to the essence of your childhood.

If the essence of my 'childhood' is taking photos, does that mean if i do this for the rest of my life, i will remain young at heart?

Those are my thoughts tonight. A few more photos to share...

Un unshared favourite of mine:

 Old image i've posted before, but this represents childhood for me. Carefree Emily.

Much love,


Saturday, August 20, 2011


today was a prime example of my perfect day.

wake late, coffee and lunch at a cafe with a little side of window shopping. no photo editing to be done, no schedule. sitting and talking with my favourite of people. driving around looking for new shoot locations. no work, no stress, no worry.

so simple.

as year 12 impedes on myself and my schedule builds, these days become more distant and more a fragment of my imagination than anything else. it's nice to know they still exist, and the sun goes down with a satisfied hum.

today was good.

 one of my favourites from the set:

wanted to share some more from the casper&pearl shoot. i hope you love them like i do,

much love

k xx

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Images from today's shoot with Adelaide label, Casper&Pearl.
Model: Isabel Wilson
Stylist: Stacey Hendrickson

We weaved down slippery paths, fought with prickly flowers, dodged the public and squinted at the mid-day sun.

But all is worth it in the end when you're proud of what you've done.

Big thanks to the girls for today.

Big loves for this label.

Casper&Pearl is a wonderful, whimsical, magical, lovely label that you must check out. Everything is hand crafted by the label's epically talented Stacey Hendrickson.

Much love,

K xx

PS - 36 days of high-school left for me. Oh my god. I will be a free bird very soon and when i am, expect to see more of me on here. Misses and loves.