Monday, May 16, 2011


I have other ten thousand photos from the past twelve months.

Sometimes, (when i'm pushed to do so) i go through them again. And again. And again. And occasionally delete the odd one or two. (Emphasis on the one or two)

I believe in preserving life in photos. 

I can look at these and tell you exactly how i was feeling when i took these.

It's a crazy and amazing thing.


Each photo should reflect an emotion, memory, anything, something. If my photos do, then i think it's a job well done.

It's like anything in life really. If you can come away from something feeling good or having learnt something, it was worth while - no matter what. 

I'm learning, always learning.

With wintery love and chai tea by my side,

K xx


  1. Really lovely.:) The photos I take do the same for my memory, which is pretty limited most of the time. When I look at them I can go back to the day in my head like it was yesterday and I love that.:)

  2. Fun shots and lot's of variety. Share some more when you get a chance this was fun!

  3. Katherine, your work never fails to blow me away. These outtakes are the same. The seventh one is especially breathtaking. ♥

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. LOVE! These outtakes are amazing girl...and they do evoke emotions when I look at them...seriously, I am in awe of you and your have an eye for beauty and the ability to capture it. Keep warm my friend. XX

  5. Wow, did you take these? They're are incredible!

  6. Simply amazing. Great variety you have here - the shower shot is did you manage to not kill your camera with the water though!

  7. These are all sooo beautiful, Katherine!! I love each and every one! <3

  8. Amazing as always! I LOVE the black and white one of the three women.


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