Sunday, May 8, 2011

I believe.

I believe in Karma. 

I believe in good and bad. And that it can't always be 'good.'

I believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
I believe in fate.

But i also believe in creating your own path.
I believe in waiting for better, but also creating the better.

I believe in believing.

What do you believe in?

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  1. I believe in all of the above AND i also believe i saw you on the news the other night! I was like, 'hey that girl is a photographer!' Stalking Mr Bieber were we?

    Amazing photos anyway missy. Love your work always.

    Jane @BIG

  2. I've heard the nature in Australia is too die for. That tree photo reminds me of something but i can't put my finger on what it is. Nevermind, it's lovely. You are a wonder. Wish i could have seen you on the news. Was it photography related?


  3. I believe in all of those things as well. Wonderful photos and wonderful words. :]
    I hope you've been well!

  4. Beautiful words


    Also believe in the above

  5. I love this post Katherine... You are a wise Young Woman thanks for sharing how you feel and I am not going to even add to it you put it just right :)

  6. I believe you are sensational.
    I believe that Chocolate cures all pain.
    I believe in Love. Cindy x

  7. What a thoughtful post :) I believe in much of the same as you :)

  8. You took that last photograph??? My my my you talented child. Incredible work.

    Your soul is beautiful too. I believe, like you.


  9. I believe in celebrating the little things :)

    Katie x

  10. Beautiful words and photos, K!

  11. Those are great beliefs. :) I love your photos! They're incredible.

  12. I adore that second shot. It is beautiful and amazing.

    Marla @

  13. both the images and words are very beautiful!

  14. i believe in you and your talent in making beautiful photographs. i love everything in this post... you are amazing.

  15. I believe dreams do come true....

    I believe miracles do happen..

  16. Nice photos, I will be watching you:))

    And thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

  17. Beautiful captures and words...such truth you wise girl you...I've missed visiting you here thankful for this opportunity to say hello. XX


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