Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Formal Fever'

...Is a term used to describe the lead-up to Year 12 Formal, which for those who are American is 'Senior Prom.'

And Formal fever we had. Big time.

The following images were not taken by me and are not of high-quality. I know this blog is predominantly about sharing photo's I have taken, but its also about documentation. So document, i will :)

My eyes. All credit goes to 'ORBE hair and make-up.' Funny story, actually. I asked for "some 'different' eyes that would match my dress" but watched in horror as the make-up artist began to make me look like i had two terrible black eyes. However, 20 minutes later and it looked like that. And i loved. Super talented make-up artist. Had i tried, i most certainly would have failed. 

Alex actually thought i was getting married. I had to tell him that typically requires a white dress and a fiancee, both of which i do not have. Don't think he understood.

But the best thing about Formal? Yes it's fun getting yourself dressed and pretty, but my favourite part is seeing all your friends made up. It's so exciting, and i can tell you with confidence that every single of them (yes you, ella, rosie, lucy, clare, hannah, danielle, alice, eleni, alana, amelia, etc etc all of year 12) looked incredible. 

But alas, it's over. And this post will be my reminder of what a good night it was. And always and forever now, we're moving forward onto the next thing.


Time to sleep,

K xx


  1. You all looked wonderful! I love your colorful dress and matching eyeshadow! Beautiful!

  2. You look amazing! Hope you had a great night!

  3. Oh my god - you look like a little doll, you are so beautiful. And all of your my, Adelaide must be the 'beautiful' people city. Love ALL the dresses.

  4. Wow, you blew me away. Your dress is so cool. Love what everyone was wearing actually, that light purple dress is so pretty.

  5. i LOVE your dress K! it looked like you had an absolute blast...and you looked gorgeous, as always. xx

  6. you looked stellar! as someone already said... you looked like a little doll. and I l-o-v-e the eyeshadow.

  7. Agree with the above comment - your like a little doll. Also, this may be a bit creepy but has anyone ever said you look like Kate Middleton because with your hair like that, i can definitely see it. And that is a good thing.

    Your friends looked beautiful, too.

    Love and hugs,


  8. You look so beautiful, K!

    I love it that Alex thought you're getting married! :)


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