Sunday, April 25, 2010

This and that.

Some un-shared pretties from Minnie Moo's picnic a few weeks ago.

{I'm sorry but Lindsay's earrings...aren't they just D-vine!?}

And to finish it off...Miss Minshine. Because as i said "doesn't she just shine!?"

Let me know which one you like the best! :) I don't i could choose...

And lastly. Something i don't usually do. A video. Yes, a video recorded on this day last year, of my beautiful cousins. {And Godson.} Mr. Charlie just found something SO fascinating about the stretchy thing i use for my shoulder exercises....and Mr. Jack was trying to sneak up in the next room with out being caught. I remember this day like it was yesterday :)

Don't you just want to squish them?!

Hope you have all had lovely weekends..

K xx


  1. Divinity, is what all of these photos are. I am in such awe of your talent.

  2. Oh wow, just wow. Those are beautiful. I would have to say my favorites would be the first and last one...

    Oh my gosh, and your accent is so dang adorable! And your godson too.

    Lovely share.

    Elodie x

  3. I love all of them but if i had to choose it would be the first one. There's a lot of joy in it.

  4. So hard to pick which one is best, but I'd have to go with the first and last photos. Wonderful job, as usual. :)

  5. Katherine, your photos are lovely! SO soft and really capture the moment! Love the portraits, great job! :)

  6. I love, love, love the last one! She has the prettiest smile ever. :)

  7. These are some seriously gorgeous shots! LOVE them :)

    And your cousins are adorable !!!!

  8. Your accent! It's so cute! And those boys are just soooo adorable.

    Reaaallllyyyy pretty photos as weel, they are so beautiful. I'd have to say my favorite is the last. But i also love the earring photo, oh and the first. She's so happy!


  9. Beautiful. I love the softness and the emotion you captured.


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