Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No named.

My creativity is drained today.

You see, I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. {Never, ever, ever, ever had one before}

And to my surprise, he told me it the hole was MASSIVE.

So i had a needle, and lost all feeling in my lips and jaw which resulted in some pretty disgusting attempts at eating later {which i am sure, if i was in a better mood, would have been down right hilarrrrious, but at that point and to me, it was not.}

Cavities are not fun. Have you ever had one??? That terrible drilling noise just makes me cringe.

So anyways, now here i sit, my poor innocent tooth crying out in pain, my camera untouched because at my one ounce of motivation to take pictures i opened the curtain and it was raining. Oh the joys of the oncoming season of Winter.

So for tonight, an old image, re-vamped...What do you think? Isn't the lighting just marvellous?

Also, if you are even bothered reading this, please, please, please, oh please, leave me a comment. Don't be shy :) I adore reading them, and they do make my day. I know, by my hit counter, and my previous beautiful comments, that people visit my blog and that I'm not just a loony typing away to nobody, so please leave me a comment if you visit.

Happy Wednesday :)

K xx


  1. Try having a root canal. That is much worse then a cavity! :)

    Yes, the lighting is beautiful!

  2. I totally agree. Cavities are terrible.

    The lighting is great on your photo!

  3. I'd forgotten that as we are approaching summer, you are approaching winter there. :)

    I used to enjoy trips to the dentist when I was little --maybe it's because I got a treat from my dad (stickers, a goldfish, etc.) after each visit..?

  4. Don't comments make the day sweeter and encourage us to post again ;) It's so nice...

    You image is lovely - the lighting reminds me of a sort of afternoon 4th of july about to run in the sprinkler kind of moment...

    Really beautiful image ♥

  5. To tell you the truth I've never had a cavity but I have had 4 teeth pulled which is not fun at all. I seemed to slobber a lot when I got them pulled. Not a pretty sight! I hope you start feeling better real soon :D

    Sophie is beautiful. You are definitely right...the light is perfect!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week! <3

  6. Oncoming of winter? You must be WAY down south somewhere.........
    Nice blog. Really like your photos!

  7. Kat, Thank You for your comment. I enjoy reading them as well. You never know who visits your blog and it is nice to meet new bloggy buddies.

    Great Blog... You take great photos. Hope to see you back on my blog, I'll be back here:) Blessings,

  8. Hi Kathryn,

    Thank you for visiting my blog tonight. I love photography. I've never taken any classes...I just enjoy taking pictures. I really like your Photo Blog. You take some amazing pictures.

    I'll be back to visit again. Please do stop by my blog again too. I love new friends.


  9. I figured you must be either in Australia or New Zealand. Not many people call their mother "Mum". :-)
    I've had a few cavities, but not too many. You must have very good teeth for this to be your first!

    Are you planning on photography as a career or as a hobby?

  10. Going to the dentist is the worst! I got my first cavity at age 25-- It was so traumatic, I went to bed for 3 days! So I feel your pain. Hope it feels better soon.

    Love the photo! Off to read more of your posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Please come back anytime!



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