Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's with those eyes.

It's with those eyes...

That he crawls into my bed before 7am telling me to 'wake up beautiful sister'

That he brings me water and pats my head when I'm not feeling the best.

That he asks 'i wonder what it is like in heaven...'

That he picks flowers for his 'girlfriend' at his school.

That he says a prayer before he goes to bed.

That he finds joy in things like Lego and Star Wars but reading and writing too.

That he almost never goes to bed without telling my mum that, "i love you too the old house (sigh) and back a thousand billion times."

That he is stubborn, very energetic, star wars obsessed but charming and divine all at the same time.

My lovely little boy blue, one day some girl is going to be unbelievably lucky to have you.


  1. he is too divine for words
    Lucy x

  2. That is the definition, of gorgeous.

  3. what a beautiful little boy. how lucky you are to call him your brother...

  4. I'm so glad you gave me your link. I'm relaxing just looking at your photos and listening to "Blackbird". I love the comment above your photo of your little guy. My "little guy" got married last fall. She is indeed lucky to have him, and he is very lucky to have her. They grow up to quickly!

  5. that is such a sweet tribute to him.

  6. what a lovely boy and photo!!!

  7. LOVE these pix!
    how awesome your brother is
    and how COOL is it that you take all these pix and write such lovely words for him to read about his special self one day! He will know just how much you love him!
    YOu are a great sister!

  8. p.s. I know I stopped by and it always posts my blogger blog which I rarely if EVER use. Here is my regular blog:


  9. "Your eyes are like diamonds that sparkle in the sky."
    Yes will never forget that line!
    More beautiful words and photos Katherine.

  10. He really does have the most gorgeous eyes (AND eyebrows). :) Beautiful post.

  11. i like that poem in the last part of your post:
    "My lovely little boy blue, one day some girl is going to be unbelievably lucky to have you."

    i think, your little brother is blessed to have you, too! ^^,

  12. Prefer the b&w treatment though... he'll be a heart-breaker, this one!

  13. That is just so beautiful! You obviously have a wonderful relationship. Keep working at it. Siblings are a blessing.


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