Monday, April 5, 2010


"Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn’t make you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them more."

How divine is that quote? And so true. A few images for you all tonight, that haven't been posted yet. First, these beautiful Pink lilies i received from lovely Louise at school on my birthday. How gorgeous are they!?

Next are some shots of Alex, taken the same day i found him sneaking chocolate...

What's your favourite quote of all time?

I have so many, i need to make a book of them, i honestly LIVE by quotes :)

K xx


  1. Your brother is just too cute! It must be so nice to be able to take so many photos of him!

  2. I have too many quotes, like you, to just choose one!!

    Alex is a cutie, and very photogenic. Lovely work as always...

    Happy Easter to your family.


  3. Talk about beautiful pictures! Your site is gorgeous and heartfelt.

  4. Those kinds of lilies are my favorite. I love how well they keep and most of all, I love how they smell. :)

    That first pic of Alex... I can almost visualize that as a poster or a fashion ad. I reckon he'd have a great career as a model if he chooses to be one. Those eyes and lips... wow. :)

  5. I love that second photo with his hat tilted to the side. Very GQ

  6. wow, your photos are gorgeous!!
    thank you so much for stopping by & commenting on my little blog!
    and i am extremely flattered by the kind words you left me. you are extremely talented! :)

  7. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog & thanks for directing me to yours...glad to be connected! and, I love the quote :)

  8. Gorgeous! He really should model!!



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