Monday, October 3, 2011


“I’ve decided I’m going to start charging you 10 cents per photograph you take of me,” said Alex while i hurriedly snapped to steal the last light of this summery day.

“It’s a dog eat dog world out there, Katherine.” And with that i had to shield my grin behind my lens. Brother knows far too much for a kid.

So apparently, I owe the boy just over a dollar. High price for entertainment.


That Milo yoghurt he’s consuming is the bribery for a few pretty snaps of his cute face. Boy hasn’t learnt that concept yet. I’ve still got time.


I’m a sucker for his sharp, brown eyes.

On another note; I have four weeks til I am finished with school. I will most likely be absent but may appear within this time to savour my sanity.


Study, sleep, repeat.


Hope you have a fabulous whatever-day-it-is-when-you’re-reading-this.




  1. Wise beyond his years ;) Great photos as always xx

  2. Cute! Good luck with your last few weeks! :)

  3. Your brother is just so adorable! Very handsome!

  4. Found your blog through Brandis Allison Inspired. I am in love, much like she fell in love with your work at first sight. For somebody so young you are not only SO talented but SO wise and aware of the world and yourself. I love it. Keep doing what you're doing.


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