Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good Life.

It's 8.48pm and I am procrastinating. I have mock exams in merely days. I have my real exams in under four weeks. I have so much to do, and quite literally, not enough time. I have an enormous assignment due very soon. I also have infected sinuses. (Thanks for that one immune system - i love counting on you in my times of need.) I am finishing school...I am finishing school. 

However, I am in no position to complain. I am almost done. I've said it all year, but really, i can taste summer and I can smell freedom. It's whirling towards me in slow motion, in a way that makes it seem so close to me, but so slow to arrive. But when it does arrive? Oh! I can tell it's going to be nothing short of sweet, and every bit worth the time it took to arrive. 

And freedom for me? The Good Life. I am looking forward to treating myself and finally being able to do things i haven't been able to do this year. Who knows where this will take me. Big things like traveling to NEW YORK (April 15th, baby! I am already counting down!) and little things like one day without study or guilt from not studying (aka. right now.)


So here's to finishing 13 years of schooling in just days, 
Here's to freedom of 2012; quick to ignite and slow to burn.
Hear me when I say, I'm ready to soak up every second.
(and return as a faithful blogger)

iPhone: how i love thee. When Canon has seen nothing but the inside of my cupboard for a month, you do me proud.
Images are a mix of indoor golfing, sunsets that save my sanity, my study space, my notes, my sassy sister, my beautiful friends and my gorgeous godson, charlie.  

From my study space to yours,
K xx

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  1. You have such a great humor about you. It comes through in your writing. I can only imagine what an interesting and sweet girl you would be to be around. Wishin we lived closer!

    Gorgeous cell phone images you shared - love the middle photo..really cute!!

    Good luck with it all graduate of 2011!


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