Wednesday, January 12, 2011

With love,

*Apologies for the quality of this post - i'm trying to find an app on my mac i can use for blogging - in the mean time, i'm back to using the one blogger provides.*

This post is dedicated to my followers and readers from Queensland. It's with love that i send my hope to you and your families in the time of these devastating floods.

Two shots of my gorgeous cousins, who visited from the Gold Coast in Queensland for a couple of weeks. My thoughts are with these guys too.

And finally; a campaign I've been meaning to be a part of for a while, and now it seems more appropriate than ever:


To jump on board, check out

And wherever you are this afternoon, morning or night, I hope you are having a lovely day :)

K xx


  1. Loveislouder is a fantastic campaign - awesome to see you jump aboard! Great shot ! :-)

    As for the floods, we send our love out to them as well, here in Texas xx

  2. Love certainly is louder. We send our love to the victims as well here in Texas, we've been watching the news here and its just horrific. Magnificent shots once again though!!

  3. We are praying in Oklahoma as well.

    Marla @

  4. Love from Canada for the flood victims <3

    Great photos as always :)

  5. Prayers and hope here from London that they pull through okay, beautiful photos, and i love the campaign you're a part of.

    - Jane

  6. You have the face, talent and personality that just tells me you're going to make it. You're such an amazing soul.

    Prayers to those effected by the floods in Queenland.

  7. I am praying too for them. Your heart is just amazing dear girl...I am off to check out the love is louder site...your cousins are darlings...sending you love, hugs and smiles...

  8. My thoughts and my heart are certainly with those effected.

    Great photos.. I'm going to check the site right now.

  9. I didn't hear about the floods until last night. I just checked with our friends who are in Brisbane and am so thankful that they are okay.

    Prayers to all those who were affected,

  10. HI Catherine, thanks for your kinds words about the people in the floods in Queensland. So sad and devastating.. Carla

  11. wow! I just found your blog from a comment on our blog and at first as I was looking through all the different pictures and pages I thought to myself "wow she's pretty good! She must have been doing this for a while" "she must be at least 35" "this is pro..." etc.etc. Then I happened to glance over at the side bar and saw that you are "only" sixteen!! O.o I am amazed at the quality, imagination, joy, and true artistic creativity shown through the pictures! You brought smiles to my face and joy to my heart! Well done!

  12. I agree with Micaiah, We thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in your amazing pictures, clicking from page to page to see more! What inspiration! It made me want to go take a bunch of pictures!
    Keep up the good work!

  13. You make me want to pick up my camera with the beauty you produce, bravo Katherine, excellent work.

    I love the one of the little girl climbing the's timeless and truly one of those glances/moments you've managed to capture. Lovely.

    As for yourself, though we can't see much of you - you are so beautiful as well! Prayers to those effected :-)


  14. I love your tribute; very beautiful. I don't watch the news very much, but I did hear the story of the flooding, especially the brothers. That SO tugged at my heart because I have boys that are a bit younger than those two. Oh my... my heart breaks for that family. Beautiful post as always. XO

  15. Oh, you are really far too sweet: thank you thank you thank you; your words make me blush!
    And this post just illustrates what a beautiful heart you have - I hope 2011 is kind to you, because you deserve it. xxx

  16. Love that picture so much. Love IS louder!


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