Thursday, January 20, 2011


A story of my today I will share with you. I was waiting impatiently (anyone who knows me knows I struggle with being patient..) to ask for staff assistance at Target this afternoon. The staff member stood listening as the customer asked again and again for the difference between two products of lotion before the staff member adopted a harsh tone and rudely told her she should ask someone else. The staff member then proceeded to give her an extremely rude look before walking off. As I observed, I witnessed the customers face go from shock to anger to sadness. Behind her stood what to me looked obviously like her daughter, between the age of 5-7. She appeared to be terminally ill. 'That customer's family is going through hell' i though quietly. I suddenly felt catapulted out of my very own body and into the body of the worst human being on the planet. There was nothing I could do, and I felt just so unbelievably sorry. This customer was disregarded simply because she was asking a few more questions on which lotion as probably right for her daughter.

It’s made me realize, rather abruptly, in the middle of Target…holding my insignificant items that don’t we know that almost every single person in this world has some sort of issue, everyday. Don’t we realise that the girl you may have given a dirty look to at the supermarket could be going home to a dying mother, or may not have a home to go to at all. Or maybe the guy you served at work who seemed annoying may have lost his son last year, or is loosing his son this year.

It’s like all the harsh, hard and cruel things in this world like struggling with money, going through divorce, ending a relationship, miscarriage, moving house, a sick loved one, domestic violence or as simple to say: a bad day. And yet we disregard the possibility of all of that most of the time and continue on in the pieces of our lives, in our bubbles, too busy to remember what someone else could be dealing with. So this final message comes from a post that I’ve read before. And that message is: treat people gently, softly, like they are going to break, even if they’re not. Because you just don’t know. People are good at concealing their emotions, and hiding anything that could be broken. A smile rather than a brush off the shoulder could make all the difference in the world. Afterall, when you’re dealing with something terrible, you’ll want someone, anyone to do the same for you.

And just because my post is naked without photographs, and i feel these kiddos haven't appeared on here in a long time :)

He knows. Alex knows that face can make anyone weak at the knees and vulnerable to saying 'yeah sure you can' to any demand or request.

Finally, i'm off to hospital tomorrow afternoon to get my dreaded teeth out.

Petrified, yes.
Anxious, yes.
Desire to fast-forward to a week from now, absolutely.

However, nothing I can do about it now, except beg for happy gas and a smooth sailing operation.

Much love to you all,

K xx


  1. Too true. You have a wonderful heart and your operation will be fine tomorrow! (: xxx rosie

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post you have written here. I've actually bookmarked it to read at a later time too, when i start to loose faith. You are wonderful.
    God will keep you safe tomorrow, you are too special to be treated any less.
    Lots of love,

  3. you are adorable. love this post. you will be fine tomorrow.

  4. Wonderful, wise words lady! If everyone had that kind of wisdom and insight, the world would truly be a better place.

    BTW I was watching Oprah this week and she was in Australia.. absolutely stunning. I was thinking, I'll bet Katherine has been to some of those sights.:)

  5. loved reading this. and you are so right...if only the entire world would start being a little more patient and kind. i'll be thinking of you. xx oo

  6. Good luck today darling girl, you will be fine, just remember to relax.

    Wonderful post, and beautiful pictures to match. You have a special heart.

    - Sal

  7. I love your message! It really makes you think.
    Beautiful photos as usual!
    Good luck with your teeth :D

  8. Loved this post! A great reminder for me, and something I can totally relate to. :)

    Good luck with your surgery!


  9. You have such a good heart, K... bless you!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos! You know, you should start a portfolio for Alex. Just saying. =)

    All the best with your operation.

  10. Beautiful photos but I really love your words. So, so true. Good luck with your surgery!

  11. This is to true... wisely spoken!
    I agree with buckeroomama, when your siblings get married they are going to have a plethora of amazing "pictures from their past" to show!

    Teeth out! Oh my! I once had a tooth pulled and I was REALLY nervous!(like literally clenching my hands and teeth) Obviously the dentist noticed and offered me laughing gas... and I still refer to it as one of the best/wierdest experiences of my life! I will pray for you...

  12. Great photos!! Although that is not great about the teeth coming out--something that I will be getting done here very soon... :/


  13. How very, very true. Each person we meet has something going on. Something hard. It is so hard to remember to be kind always. I truly believe it is the best way. If we can stop one person from having a hurting heart each day-what can be better than that?


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