Thursday, January 6, 2011

Twenty Eleven.


Happy New Year!

Today’s photographs come from a shoot with the incredible Leo and Mav, who have amazed me once again…enjoy!




These girls could be in Vanity Fair – i swear.IMG_8801 












Which is your favourite(s)?

Now onto my New Years resolutions:

1. Succeed in Grade 12

2. Continue Yoga class

3. Blog at least once a week

4. Delete negativity from my life (and negative people)

5. Survive wisdom teeth extraction

Alright there’s mine – feel free to share yours! Oh and yeah, if you’ve had your wisdom teeth out feel free to share stories from that too. I am petrified.

And finally – I am so excited to share 2011 with you: there are some exciting things i have in store and I will be sure to share it with you as we move through! :)

Have a wonderful day,

K xx


  1. Wow! Those are stunning, Kat! So gorgeous.

    I haven't had my wisdom teeth out yet, but I know I would be terrified as well. Hope it all goes smoothly and you'll heal real fast. :)

  2. These are so gorgeous!! Very whimsical!

  3. Gorgeous photos as usual!

    P.s. You should enter more I Heart Faces haha! And I'm definitely loving the presets :)

  4. These photo's are beautiful.
    Just as good as the previous shots of these girls.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Beautiful...all of them! What a fun shoot..great job!

  6. Looooooove the one of them lying down, holding hands. Gorgeous work as always, Katherine! All the best to you in this coming year. :)

  7. I like all of the one of them laying on the looks like they had a good time doing this...beautiful girls and you captured them well.

    I like your new year resolutions...especially the one deleting negative people from your life. Amen to that.

    As far as getting your wisdom teeth seesm that the younger a person the easier it is on them...I've known a few people that were only in pain for a few days and didn't hardly swell at all. I had mine out about 4 years ago and I am really thankful that I did and wished I hadn't waited so long. Ever since I had them out I have had less jaw pain and it's nice to not have them acting up like they did over the years. Since I was in my 40's and already have pain, I had a bit of a harder time recovering. My advice to people is to listen to what they tell you and to ice as much as you can and take the pain pills they give you and stay on top of the pain...and rest as much as you can. Are you going to be put out? Wear something comfy to your appointment. Good luck with this...I am sure it will go fine! Sending lots of positive thoughts, hugs and love your way. XX

  8. These photos are amazing as usual.:)

    Your resolutions sound great!

    I'm 27 and still haven't had my wisdom teeth removed. Now and then they give me problems and I wish I had gotten it over with. Good luck! If you get chipmunk cheeks, you should totally post a photo.:)

  9. You are SO talented!!! I love love love that first one. Amazing job. Love!!

  10. LOVE the photos, Kat! Absolutely stunning. Can't wait to get your email! Have a wonderful day, lovely! XX - Hannah

  11. Ummmm *jaw hitting floor once again* ... I'm just in awe. I have no words. (And that's very unlike me). :-) I hope you do amazing things in your journey as a photographer. So inspiring!

  12. Love them all but love number 10! I have just had tonsillitis (so much fun over Christmas - not)so don't envy the wisdom tooth coming out!

  13. HI Katherine, your shots are incredible.. I love your colour treatment.. Wonderful images. Carla ps I like them all

  14. I have to say your photos are incredible. WOW!!! I love them all. If I had to pick one I love the laying down one.

  15. Your photography never ceases to amaze me, Kat. The photos in this post just blew me away. They're AWESOME!

    (Hope to see more of you again on CG this year!)

  16. #7, 10 & 11 are personal favorites! Your photography is sooo good! Like seriously good!! I am your newest follower & thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!

  17. Oh, Kat, I could not choose just one favorite....they are all stunning. Lovely girls, lovely photography!

  18. Oh, Kat! Beautiful, beautiful, eautiful!!!!

  19. OH-MY-GOSH!!!!!! Those girls are beautiful and I love the way you captured them... I like their style too! I could never pick a favourite one out of those!

  20. 1.) My favorite is the one with the feather over the eye. Totally, totally amazing. :)

    2.) You are so good at capturing amazing light. Seriously.

    3.) I got my wisdom teeth out when I was sixteen. It was rough because I had extra long roots- the dentist called them "the deepest he had ever seen." It was bad. I was sore for days and was really swollen. My sister, on the other hand, was up and going the next day. I think it depends on the person.

    That's enough of my rambling.

  21. So amazing, wow. I'm speechless. Your work could appear in magazines already and you're only sixteen.

    As for wisdom teeth, it's a painful experience but you'll bounce back quickly. Just remember to take it easy.

    - Jane

  22. Wow! These are wonderful!! Love them all. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  23. Man alive, I've missed reading your blog. And seeing your gorgeous photography. These are great. Wish I could be on site with you lol. My fav. It would have to be the one of the girls holding hands lying on the grass. Made me smile.


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