Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let me show you..the most beautiful thing.

Walking is good.

Walking is so good.

It clears your mind, your head, maybe even your soul.

In the early sunset every night, i walk the same path. And each night i forget my camera {usually because I'm pulling my dog back to my side} but tonight i didn't.

Let me show you {what i think} is some of the most beautiful things...

{This post is for Lucy, my dear friend, who started a blog tonight. Head on over there and check it out :) }


  1. So gorgeous. I love the first photo, especially.


  2. LOVE these pics! I also like your new setup!
    And I checked out your friends blog... you can tell you're friends because you both have very deep thoughts! It's beautiful!
    I can't wait to here from you! *wink wink*

  3. That 2nd photo is GORGEOUS! Beautiful!

  4. Soooo pretty - thoughtful & introspective - thank you for sharing. I love the images that you chose... They add a true element of understanding to your words.


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