Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Day I came to be.

March Thirtieth, Two Thousand and Ten. {The day i came to be}

Tonight, I peered into the mirror and thought I caught sight of the six year old me, gaps in my teeth, hair shorter, face rounder, the younger me, staring straight back at me. But literally, in a blink of my very own eye, there I was again, to my very own surprise. The sixteen-year-old-girl staring back at me, with no idea quite yet what she wants to do, or who she wants to be. As i gripped the steering wheel for the first time tonight, i laughed but not because of the hilarity because of the actual 'am i seriously doing this?' To me, I am a baby. To me, i should still be on daddy's shoulders and getting cuddles from mummy. To me, i am six years old. Not sixteen. I looked back in that same mirror tonight and suddenly all that lingered in the back of my mind was…




No one.

Thank-you to all my beautiful friends for making today more special, for the cards, the words, the presents, the chocolate, the hugs. And to my mummy miss loulou, for those flowers that made me want to cry. I. am. too. lucky.

Sixteen years ago, to the exact minute that i will be posting this. I came to be.

So there it is, Happy Birthday to me, and to all those other amazing souls born on this wonderful day, happy birthday to you :)

Much, much love,


PS. Guess who got a new lens? I did. Miss Sophie this afternoon, my first shots with my brand new lens...And wow, i am in love.


  1. Happy birthday. You are my inspiration...

  2. Happy Birthday! And have fun with your new lens! :D

  3. Happy Birthday, Katherine! :D
    What kind of lens did you get?

  4. Happy Birthday! I am, of course, expecting to see some tasty birthday cake photos in the near future :p

  5. Happy birthday, Katherine! Thank-you for inspiring me.

    Your work is beyond gorgeous..


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