Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The California Diaries

The following words are excerpts taken from a diary kept close while traveling. Images to accompany were shot in Los Angeles, California over the course of a weekend. Forgive me if the writing doesn't make sense, for a large portion of this weekend i was severely sleep deprived. 'No jet-lag' pills, you are merely a myth. 

I am miles away from home now, four thousand to be exact, and we are well above the ground. Bound by metal and bolts in this big jet plane, thousands of meters below me lies the sea with only air and darkness to separate the two of us. It's lonely being up so high and enveloped in so much darkness. There is a lady to my left, sitting by a window. Although the rest of the passengers seated next to a window have closed their shades she has kept hers wide open the entire journey, even after the sun was long gone. Is she doing this to dissipate her anxiety or perhaps allow as much light in as possible. I'd ask her, but she doesn't look too friendly, so I'll take her picture instead.


As far I can see it is endless ocean water. It is so easy to forget yet hard to imagine that if you traveled along the Pacific Ocean long enough it would land you back in Australia. There are so many miles between the two places I love, so much water separating people and strangers from one another. Ps - Santa Monica may just be one of the most beautiful places ever.


A man sitting in a small cafe today (Urth cafe by the way, great smoothies) randomly told me he was writing a book. I naturally asked what this book was about, to which he responded 'life, just trying to figure some things out.' I answered, 'i'm glad people like you still exist' and I'm not even sure if he heard what i said but that was all we, two complete strangers, said.

pacific coast highway


Rode a bike to Venice beach today, right along the path paved out for all the beach goers. Upon arrival, the smog, a typical characteristic of mornings in Los Angeles had cleared and it was fiercely hot. Both locals and tourists congregated to watch people of all ages skate (and by all ages i literally mean all ages 80 and 8 inclusive.) Everyone here interacts with everyone, making it easy to take pictures of the strangers you come across. Along the Venice strip, locals and vendors practically begged for their picture to be taken, a feast for my camera.

dreaming of a cheeseburger

support the arts

inspecting his tip

riding home

I folded up my clothes and zipped up my bag, a familiar feeling from the last time i left this place crept back. My phone buzzed and a message from a dear friend lit up my screen; 'Alex Lightbody is sure you'll live in Cali one day.' Whether that may be true or not, I left knowing it won't be the last time and that I'll be back soon.

Until that time, much love to you LA.


  1. the photos came out beautifully katty! well done!

  2. You have a beautiful wandering soul Miss Katherine, these images came out very well. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and see you when you get home.


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