Monday, July 30, 2012


Early last week I was sat at a small table, sipping coffee and listening to my grandmother while she spoke on the topic of photography and wondered I was so interested in it. She leaned forward, the question was coming, I could sense it on the tip of her tongue, “what do you really love most about photography, dear?”

And had I had this answer prepared, I would have said:

“You see though, there is not a single thing, nothing I can pinpoint that i can call my 'most favourite thing.' I am enamored with everything to do with it. I love shooting, I love producing, I love dreaming up things to shoot next and I love, love, love looking at works of the past. I am fascinated by the history of photography and the way others choose to capture the world. I adore the way two different photographers can create such different work. I love the way a portrait, when done just right, can make you stare. I love the shooting process, how the swift progression of life can be captured in frames. And then there is seeing your work in print because yes, it looks good on the screen but there is no better feeling than your favourite images in print. However, no matter how much I tell you how I love these things, it will never do justice. All I can do is pour myself and all this ridiculous love into my work and hope that it comes through.”


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