Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Don't be fooled. I had something to present. A post, with images that I hadn't shared and words i strung together on this chilly night - but alas, about 10 minutes ago, the internet crashes and post be gone. Solution: chuck all my favourite iphone photos into a post and serve it up. Now, now, it may seem as though this is a poor subsitute but i do love the power of an iphone and it's ability to capture ordinary moments so efficiently. And besides, each of these photos reminds me of something. I love them all quite so. I would write you something else, but i have 7% battery remaining and it's far too cold to find it.

Do enjoy, x

my favourite spot in adelaide

dad's place

excitement in summer: new bp opens in adelaide

another of my very favourite spots

first day of 2012

the sky on new years eve 2011


  1. beautiful! i love the last one especially.

  2. Even your iphone photos are just incredible. Love the shots of the girl on the hill :-)

  3. Just wanted to say that you're my favorite photographer of, like, all time and just wow thank you for being amazing. :)


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