Thursday, February 23, 2012

For no reason at all, other than it makes me happy.

this strikes some chord within me. i do love.
I haven't really written a personal post with 'personal' photographs in quite a while, and I thought this sunny afternoon may just be the ideal time to do so.

entering the airport

Half an hour before sun down last night, three of us piled into a car and started driving. Winding amongst the quiet traffic of Adelaide, Ben Howard's 'Old Pine' filled the soft silence between us, as we swapped the quiet city for a quiet coffee shop in the airport.


pink shadows cast everywhere

quiet terminals

the city

our city beneath us

in the car, with the city lights outside

We drove for miles and miles, we drank watery hot chocolate from an airport cafe but that's okay because we also saw the sunset, along with planes take off that had the most golden colour to them. We didn't board a plane, we didn't even welcome anyone home but we did dream of the places we would go, and where we may find ourselves one day. We drove from one end of the city to the other. We sat in silence, we sat laughing, we were content. We did it for no reason at all, other than it made us happy and isn't that enough? It sure is.

Cross it off the bucket list, baby. Go to the airport for no reason at all -- done.

Happy Thursday to all and to all a content night.


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  2. Ohh, what a lovely adventure - airports are wonderful. Adoring your b&w shot of the terminal. And the picture at the beginning? Love!


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