Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The little ones.

These are just some favourites of mine from a session yesterday morning with the gorgeous little kids of one of the greatest teachers I've had who is probably reading this right now in horror at just how bad my grammar has become. Don't worry Borgs, I'm horrified too. However, what makes up for it is how gorgeous her daughters are, and just how it seeps through these images.

I started photography through taking photos of little kids and i forgot how much i love it. There is such an ease in children. They see life in such a lovely way, i wish you could bottle it up and keep it.

Strange that this has occurred to me just days before i turn 18. But more on this later when it's not so late and i'm not so exhausted.

Goodnight xx

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  1. Wow Katherine these photos are gorgeous and what's more precious is that they're my nieces!! Great work, Jenni


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