Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So i broke my 50mm lens today. We were mid-shoot (not this one, folks, i'll get to that in a minute) and i was standing on a chair.  Fast forward 30 seconds and my lens is in two pieces and I come to the realization that it is indeed, broken. Thank God, 50mm is relatively 'cheap'. Thank God, my camera body is okay. Thank God, for Dick Smiths Electronics who had 'just one more' in stock.

Only blessings, never losses.

Though my bank account may still be weeping, i ended up doing the right thing by re-purchasing my favourite little lens. This afternoon, with my new baby, I shot the beautiful Olivia Hosking. Judge the results for yourself, but this fiery little soul is to die for. A joy to work with and oozing with potential.

More shoots booked, so you'll be seeing more around this place.

Enjoy your days/nights/whatever it may be,


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  1. these are amazing kat! amazing. sorry about your 50 but you have the right attitude girl. xxo

  2. Whoa, these shots are fantastic! Sorry to hear about your 50mm, but glad you were able to get another.

  3. Oh my God, these pictures are sooo beautiful! And what a beautiful model as well. I love the sunlight on them ... Too bad with your lens though.
    XO from Denmark



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