Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home bound.

Is there an image any more exciting/calming/better than this?

Taken at the airport, a few minutes before half past six, just before boarding. Oh how i already
wish i could go back to that moment in time :(

And because, being behind the camera all the time, suddenly means there ends up being very little images of yourself, so i resort to many of these. This one was taken in the hotel lift, and excuse the blurriness, i obviously forgot to change the setting...

Excuse Mum's lit-up hair, and look at those sunset colours. Bliss.

One of the last ones I will share from the trip...for now. Taken in the hotel, mucking around while waiting for mum to arrive back from the room.

And now it's back to reality. Next week it's back to school.....

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