Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amelia & Annabelle

Meet two of my very good friends; Amelia & Annabelle. 

Amelia is my boss. More often than not, Amelia sits beside me while I edit late at night and murmurs her opinion. She is the creativity behind a lot of shoots, and the advice behind a lot of decisions. My go-to girl, my shoulder, and my model from time to time (as pictured above.) Meems, thank-you for your honesty, advice, creativity, friendship and Jatz biscuits and other goods from your pantry in which I always devour.

Annabelle is my pick me up. She's delightfully creative and endlessly entertaining. She gives great advice and tells better jokes. Annabelle, you crack up, thank you for letting me borrow your face yesterday in that open field. And thank-you for your exceptional taste in music, even if you just downloaded Calvin Harris' new album...I still love you.

If you pass these ladies in the street, throw them a smile and tell them they're great. They probably don't hear it quite enough.

Happy November,


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