Monday, December 5, 2011

In the Secret Garden

It was Saturday, December 3rd under the sun, and shaded by the trees, where we shook out rugs and unpacked goodies.

I had the previledge of shooting Australian recording artist, Matt Corby, aka the fabulously talented 'Matty.' If you have not heard of him/heard him...please do your ears a favor and search him on iTunes or surrender to this wonderful ditty.

Additionally, i shot the wonderful Laura Hill and Sam Brittain. Both incredibly talented and lovely.

Another one of life's 'I don't think I can write about this, because i don't think i can sum it up' moments or should i say, afternoons. Music danced all around us, in such a wonderful way that i turned to Rosie and said 'all artists should be this way. Performing intimately for the sole purpose of performing and sharing their talent.'

the garden

our nibbles

laura hill

Seriously. Amazing.

Happy December, by the way. Or should i say, happy best month of the year.

More shoots to be shared and shot this week so stay tuned,



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