Monday, December 12, 2011

From another.

All image credit: my dad.(Simply run over with colours by myself)

mum in sydney, 1989

mum and brother, appletree cottage 1991

mum on her wedding day, feb 1990

3 generations of schultz boys, my dad, great grandpa and brother

If you haven't noticed, my dad was (still is) quite the photographer. Though he doesn't admit nor did it become his career, what he will tell me is at the age of about fifteen, he used to spend all this pocket money on photography magazines at his local newsagency.

It's quite funny that at the age of fifteen, I too became obsessed with this whole photography thing. Is it all in our genes?

The very best part of it though is being able to thumb through albums and run my fingers over images that are perfectly composed and shot. Thanks for that one Dad. It is also motivating for me to continue capturing my siblings, family and friends so that in 20 years their children will be able to thumb through albums and see their loved ones in a way that only a camera can freeze.

Capture everything and anything,



  1. such nice photos.. GO RICHARD
    omg cameron in the second picture!! so cuuuuuute!!!!

  2. Well it's now very easy to see where you get your creative eye and talent from. Your father is a talented man, just as you are! Glorious images. I love the fourth one...beautiful.


  3. I loved looking at these! How wonderful you have them to cherish forever.:) Your family is beautiful.


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