Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Young Ones.

I wrote the following piece just under two years ago, and re-found it today:

What is youth? 
It is swinging from a leafless tree, whose life has been sucked from within it, but as you glide, feeling on top of the world?
It is leaping eagerly into nature’s soaked floor, free of cares and worries, dancing and floating about in the exquisiteness of the dirt and grime?
To be overcome briefly with Autumn’s problems which the Winter’s rain will so quickly wash away, almost as fast as the dark cloud arose.
Laughing with your head thrown back and eyes closed, enveloped in an endless bliss with no over hanging clock.
To see through eyes over flowing with purity, witnessing only the beauty in the night sky and the good in the evil.

A youthful soul is captured in a drift of innocence, colourful life and uncontrollably endless love weaving it’s way among you, until time eventually takes it’s unpredictable course (life itself.) In your existence, time will alter the colour of life, just as it reduces one’s ability to love wildly.

The beginning of that unpredictable course, provides an undying pleasure, but so it does shields ones eyes of the bitterness of the unripened fruit.
Insistent that you know the ways of the world, a heavy heart you will soon obtain, when you trust too many and ignore the wise.
Decisions that are given no thought and agreed to just too quickly, will land you on an undesired path.
But eventually it’s certain, you’ll somehow, almost certainly find your way back to home and heart.

To be youthful is a choice, made consciously by our inner child that unlike hope, never fades. It’s an escape from retched reality, a choice to see life through different eyes. It is to jump in mud puddles but dream of oceans, to be old on the outside but young at heart.
No matter how much you try to deny or conceal it, youth is a voice, waiting for you to revisit it, waiting for you to see the beauty again.

Youth can last forever, it hides in the crevice of your heart, awaiting your call.
But it’s an altered youth.
The beauty remains but the new youth is graced with scars.
Some deep and some shallow, lessons learnt and love lost, but like diamonds youth can last forever.

Young people see the world so differently.
Hold onto youth fiercely as if it is your most valuable possession. It may even be so. 

Images from a shoot last week with Kate Cameron-Smith (aka Gemma Ward/Miranda Kerr/Dakota Fanning look a like) and the divine Patrick Fahey.

Special thanks to Amelia Fahey for the transportation to nowhere land and entertainment.


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  1. I love this post! You photography is amazing!! :)

    ~Lily bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com

  2. Your photography is so unique and I love it! You are such a talented photographer. Loved this post!

  3. That poem is spot on. No one sees the world like youngsters. Great pics too.

    Loren xXx

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment!

    Your blog is great, I really love these pictures! Beautiful!!!

  5. Katherine so wonderful to find your blog, your words on "youth" having been written from the tender age of 15 (hope i did the maths right) ring so true.........photography recaptures my youth everyday and this is part of the love I have for my profession!
    I am like a kid in a lolly shop everyday haha!!
    Your talent is amazing keep posting these fabulous pics
    Carla x

  6. You know when a 15 year old kid is writing like that ^^^ they are going to grow up to be something special. I would so love to have a conversation with you. You seem so wise!

  7. These photos O_O! They are magical <3 you are so talented! I sense you will definetly make it big in the photography world any time soon! xxx

  8. :O these are incredibal. i went to your 'start here if your new' page after looking at these and was so shocked to find out your only 17. new biggest fan right here!! your so good at what you do, keep it up!! xoxo

  9. This is amazing! my favourite of all the posts! You are truly talented!!!


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