Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am d-o-n-e.

It’s 9.21am and I can hear various elements of the neighbourhood pass me by. I hear a gardener, the soft hum of the mailman on his way to carry out his morning duties and several cars passing by my street, each and every one on their way to something different. Blue skies with smatterings of cloud. Normalcy. Perfect normalcy.
I, on the other hand, am sitting here…trying to tell you what I am feeling simply by what I can see. If i had to sum it up, it would involve something like running and dancing through a field to the tune of a mash up of both ‘the start of something new’ and ‘I’m walking on sunshine.’

There are really no words to eloquently put how it feels to finish school. After so many hours of reading theory, writing, marking, testing and re-doing it all again for exams, finishing it all is by far the sweetest strawberry in the punnet. And I’m savouring every bite. (Ha, cheeeee-eesy, but oh so true.)

And at this moment, I am still in the stage where every couple of hours or so, i will remember that I am finished with school and the exhilarating feeling courses through my body once again. The prospect of ‘No, sorry’ ‘I cant,’ ‘I will’ being replaced with ‘Yes, I can, I am’ is still settling into my confused self, and it feels good to say ‘Why yes, yes i can.’

Like yesterday. Just hours after my handing up my psychology exam, Isabel Wilson and I decided to celebrate with a shoot. It lasted 40 minutes on a rooftop car park. Cue the rain, and shoots over, folks. However, sometimes shoots like work out the best.
IMG_9899IMG_9877  IMG_9912 IMG_9556  IMG_9641 IMG_9666-2 IMG_9753 IMG_9782 IMG_9798-3  IMG_9825
We drove home in the pouring rain, listening to Angus and Julia Stone while i came to that realization all over again that i can do this as much as i want now. Freedom. Quick to ignite and slow to burn. A feeling so strong that i wanted to leave my car at the intersection and lie in the rain like so:

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Much love and thanks,


  1. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations on finishing school!


  2. Nice! Congrats! I can't wait for more wonderful photos :)

  3. Katherine, your images are out of this world.. Amazing. your work is incredible.. Carla xx


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