Saturday, August 20, 2011


today was a prime example of my perfect day.

wake late, coffee and lunch at a cafe with a little side of window shopping. no photo editing to be done, no schedule. sitting and talking with my favourite of people. driving around looking for new shoot locations. no work, no stress, no worry.

so simple.

as year 12 impedes on myself and my schedule builds, these days become more distant and more a fragment of my imagination than anything else. it's nice to know they still exist, and the sun goes down with a satisfied hum.

today was good.

 one of my favourites from the set:

wanted to share some more from the casper&pearl shoot. i hope you love them like i do,

much love

k xx


  1. ooh, your day sounds lovely! And *gorgeous* photos!


  2. such stunning shots, really beautiful! xx

  3. honestly so breathtaking. kind of look like a whimsy campaign. your way of capturing things is so fresh and youthful, i really like it.

  4. Very pretty shots! We have the same last name! :)


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