Sunday, August 14, 2011


Images from today's shoot with Adelaide label, Casper&Pearl.
Model: Isabel Wilson
Stylist: Stacey Hendrickson

We weaved down slippery paths, fought with prickly flowers, dodged the public and squinted at the mid-day sun.

But all is worth it in the end when you're proud of what you've done.

Big thanks to the girls for today.

Big loves for this label.

Casper&Pearl is a wonderful, whimsical, magical, lovely label that you must check out. Everything is hand crafted by the label's epically talented Stacey Hendrickson.

Much love,

K xx

PS - 36 days of high-school left for me. Oh my god. I will be a free bird very soon and when i am, expect to see more of me on here. Misses and loves.


  1. You are exceptionally talented. It has been such a sheer delight to watch you grow as a photographer. You just get better and better, and there is a HUGE path for you ahead. I'll be watching you and supporting you.

    Love you kiddo.

  2. amazing Katherine, I love the lighting in the fifth one down

  3. Literally breath-taking. Love the black and white.

  4. Very beautiful! I love that you tell a story with your photos. True art <3 love ya!

  5. Beautiful beautiful!

    Hope your last 36 days go well! And fast for your sake.:) Just take it all in.


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