Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three weeks late.

But you know what they say? Better late than never.

I dragged Lucy out, three weeks ago, in her formal dress.

For those of you who are not Australian, formal is equivalent ‘prom.’

Anywho. We got a few overly lovely shots, as well as some serious stares from the driving-by general public. Apparently it’s not normal to stand at a lookout when it’s winter in your formal dress…oh well.

Here we go:





The sun! The sun! The sun!


I love, love, love {did i say love} this shot.

IMG_5248-2 IMG_5235

And i almost cried with joy when i saw this photo. Sun. Flare. How. I. Have. Missed. You.


Then Lucy turned the camera on me. For two quick seconds. Amidst my hyper-ventilating (as seen in my disapproving expression below,) over her using my beloved camera, she got something that turned out non blurry and now that i look at it, quite…creepy.



Which is your favourite and why?

I hope you have all had wonderful weeks. I know i have..kinda. My best friend got home from Europe today…and after five weeks of not seeing her pretty little face, it was beyond incredible to see her again.

Ella; welcome home snooks.

Happy Thursday.

K xx


  1. Firstly, I love her dress... it's a little unusal and I LOVE THAT

    I adore the first pic... it took my breath away... and I also love the cute one of you, you pretty thing xx talk soon xx


  2. These photos are beautiful! The lighting is perfect (:

  3. Number 4 and 5 are my favs, but they are all gorgeous! You are one talented little lady!! Lovely.

  4. gorgeous shots..stunning!
    the light is capture so good, so good!!


  5. Amazingly gorgeous! My favorites are 1, 3, 6, and 7, but 3 would have to be my absolute favorite. So beautiful. Love your work, darling. You look at all these people who have insane cameras and lenses, have taken photography classes, invested a lot of money, and still can't get good images. You're one of the ones that can. It's something that you see. Beautiful. Sometimes I wish I was as talented--oh, goodness.


  6. Beautiful shots! I love them all :)

  7. The 4th from the top. I love photos that tell a story and that one, I'm just dying to know what she is thinking. Whatever it is, it had to have been such a lovely thought. :) They are all beautiful though!

  8. You got some great shots and that's all that matters, right? My favorites are the B&W pictures. I love her posture and facial expression and...everything! I hope you'll check out my online, Christian magazine for tween/teen girls: It would make my day if you subscribed! :)

  9. Six and seven are some of my favorites. But they are all so beautiful, Katherine!

  10. But I love so many of them Katherine! I love the sunflare one for sure, but I also love the one where she's peaking out from behind the material...and the one with her eyes closed. You've captured her so beautifully. Great work!

  11. I love the third one... So pretty.

    And the sunflare makes me smile. :)

  12. Oh. My. Goodness. Thses are simply stunning. Your friend is gorgeous! Every single one is beautiful. Love the shot of you too. Love the mood! These are AMAZING! Keep up the great work :)

  13. Oh my goodness, these are GORGEOUS, Katherine! You are such an amazing photographer. I love looking at all your beautiful pictures! Keep up the great work. :)

    -- Much Love,
    Lindsay <3

  14. Amazing pic ! ♥
    new post - new inspirations < 3

    Bisou Bisou ;);*

  15. My favorites are 1 and 3. 1 is just unusual, mysterious, romantic and artistic. In 3 she has a mysterious look in her eye that matches the covering of her face, also very romantic and mysterious. Gorgeous shots! You are one talented girl!

  16. Stunning shots!! You have definitely captured her beauty in an amazing way! :)

    I love the 2nd one because her position...looks so graceful. #8 is one of my faves as well--the flare looks awesome, and the rainbow in a circle is very beautiful!

  17. Oh my ... these are stunning! Is Lucy your daughter? Or your sister?

  18. Whoa! What a knock-out! My fave is #6 but it was hard to pick.

  19. I love the one with her eyes closed, it's beautiful. And you don't look creepy, maybe a bit wild! :-)

  20. I cannot pick a favortie they look amazing!!!!! By the way the picture of you is sweet.

  21. I love your pictures, love them! My favorite? The one of the photographer...we never get to see the camera turned. It is the emotion and light that move me in pictures 3 and 4 ...their simplicity. Just wonderful.

  22. Love the third from the bottom. Looks breathtaking. You are cute too!

  23. You are so talented. I want to say my fave was the first one, but then as I scrolled down....well...i love them all.

  24. I actually can't choose a favorite because they're all sooooooooo beautiful. I love it so much!!!!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  25. beautiful! Her dress is beautiful too! Oh to be back at my prom and wear a different dress. I cringe when I see the scarlet red satin poof thing I wore. (If you saw the pic it would date me!) I am waaaaaaay older than you!

  26. Remember me? You left a comment on my blog a while ago and hadn´t got the chance yet to write you back. You are incredible creative young lady! A blog to keep in mind :)
    Anne Elisabeth

  27. Freakin' gorgeous.

    Your so talented!! I'd love for you to shoot my children, but you live oh so far away...

    Ah well, keep it up!

  28. I absolutly love your blog! You are such an amazing photographer. I loved them all, but 3 has to be my favorite!

    I am following your blog, I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


  29. Gorgeous shots, K. And kudos to being a good sport when Emily got your camera and took a shot of you! :)

  30. I love your sun shots, how you catch
    the light...
    I'm now following.

  31. Katherine! Thanks so much for finding my blogs. Your work is great also! I'll be following from now on and I look forward to hearing feedback from you in the future! :)


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