Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh yes, there is more.

A few more of my favourites:



Did i happen to mention these girls knew exactly how to pose?IMG_6189-2


I love how this one actually looks all summery, vibrant and bright. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Freakin freezing. The camera has a great way of deceiving people. It was eight degrees Celsius.




And one of my all-time favourites – so cute:


And that is that…for now, which is your favourite?

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Now, excuse me, my brain is fried..i need chocolate..or coffee.

Hope you are all having wonderful weeks, and hello to all those new follows. Special shout out to the eternally beautiful Kylie, hello munchkin.

Leave me your thoughts on these, and have a great night!

K xx


  1. Again, very nice! I love the B&W shots (I'm partial to them.... have a while wall in my living room covered in b&w shots)

    My favorite of this batch is the last one, where they look like they are dancing! Beautiful natural smiles on the girls in that one!

  2. These girls are BEAUTIFUL! And i agree with the comment above, i love the last one, because they look so natural and happy. You really do photograph the most photogenic girls in the world. These girlies are beautiful.

    Nice work, K. Keep it up, sweetie.


  3. wow i love the photos. And yeah the last one is also my favorite.

  4. Fabulous photos!

    I love the last one as well. I agree -- it looks like they are dancing. Cool shot.

    I love the one where you told us it was so cold. It looks super hot -- except for the teeny hairs on her arms standing up -- probably from the cold! You have a great camera to catch that detail.

    Lovely blog.

  5. It's so hard to pick a favorite, they are sort of haunting. The weather was perfect for this shoot...adds to the mystery. You do such great work!

  6. this series is just awesome. seems these should be featured in a magazine. I cannot believe these girls are not models.

    Great. Work.

  7. Such fantastic photos--it's hard to choose! I really love the poses that you captured them in; Very creative. :)

    Okay I think my faves are the first and last. Great pics! ^^

  8. I was just talking to my mom, "Wait, you follow K at thoseblissmoments?" (in reference to your URL) And she goes, "Yeah, I think so." And I said, "You commented right above--she is SO good." And you ARE. I'm always amazed looking at your photography! Emailing you, sweet gal! :-)

    XOXO - Hannah

  9. I love the last one too! Very cute! Love the black and white! Love them all as usual! Keep up the amazing work : )

  10. These are all incredible - so were they posing themselves? Because I don't do much of this type of work, I feel intimidated when it comes to posing. This just looks like a good time and I love it.

  11. Those are sooo cool! I would love to see a picture of the girls in regular make-up and clothes, to compare them with their costumes.

    My favorite is the last one, definitely.

  12. Those pictures are SO GORGEOUS. My favorites are all the B & W ones - I'm partial to black and white. :)

    Lovely blog!

    In Christ,
    Lizzy Rose

  13. These are amazing! The styling and make up brings everything together perfectly (:

  14. i love them. what fun captures!

  15. I love these. Beautiful, intriguing captures. My favorites are the 7th and last photo.

  16. What a fun shoot!! Love these photos - great work!! :)

  17. The last one is totally my favourite - I love your processing so much!!! Gorgeous black and white!

    Your blog is beautiful, thank-you for sharing it with me!


  18. SO delightfully fun. i adore this post!

    xo Alison

  19. That last one is simply stunning!! I love it! :)

  20. Freekin beautiful. These girls are amazing, and paired with your work its a bomb. Congrats

  21. My favorite is the last! Though they are all lovely. I think you capture the feel of a moment in time so well...the moment we all remember and long for - and in the dark archives of our memories...this is what those moments look like. Thank you for sharing these!

  22. K - these are fabulous! I'm definitely adding your blog to my must-read list. Great job! (and thank you for your comment on my blog too). XXOO.Brandis

  23. This is amazing! It should be in magazines!!! I honestly loved this!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  24. Wow, your photos are striking and it's hard to imagine that the girls aren't professional models. They did a great job.

  25. Oh I just love the vibrant one!!! So wonderful! Love it!

  26. These are AMAZING!!!!!!! I love all of your posts,but I just love this one and the one before it the most!! You are brilliant at what you do! I wish I had some friends that would model for me! ;)


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