Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sylvia Plath {and the craziness that followed}



I am a grade 12 drama student, and last night was our moderation of our play which was worth 30% of my grade.

After five months of learning lines, blocking scenes, warm ups, warm downs, many tears, orange stage make up, lots of hairspray and costumes, it is over.

The play was about the poet, Sylvia Plath, ever hear of her? She wrote some of the most beautiful {and some of the strangest} poetry I have read.

Anyways, this week has just been so crazy with after school rehearsals {not to mention all day Sunday rehearsal} in which it all came down to these last two hours.

The nerves were terrible. My other four classmates, including Minnie Moo, and I sat in a room for twenty minutes in silence before it was time to go on stage.

Adrenaline kicked in and the two hours sped past. And now, I am left with the memories.

What. An. Experience.

“The window square whitens and swallows it’s dull stars, and now you try, your handful of notes: the clear vowels rise like balloons.”

Oh and the beautiful flowers in this post? My lovely drama teacher got us all a flower at the end of the night, how sweet is that? Which photo do you like best?

K xx


  1. You must be so talented! I would NEVER be able to get up like that and perform! I am sure you did wonderfully.

    Glorious photos..

    elodie x

  2. I am not that familiar with poetry, but if your performance was anything like your photos, I know you were great!

  3. I love the first one. So soft... Gerber daisies are one of my favorite flowers. :)

    Congratulations on the play. Sylvia Plath is definitely an interesting figure. I'm not much into her poetry. A bit too strange for my taste, but her words are rather haunting...

  4. really love it!!! amazing shots of flowers!! Syd :o))

  5. I love the second one! THey are both beautiful though!

    You have a beeeautiful rest of the week too!

  6. Love them both but number two is my fav. What a great accomplishment I am so happy for you that you finished your drama project. Way to go!

  7. Beautiful! I love the first one, because of the softness and tones.

    Great work :-)

  8. really beautiful post...and images to match. I think you are wise beyond your years :)


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