Friday, November 13, 2009

1000 times

Just like yesterday and tomorrow, i miss ski trip.

I've said it 1000 times. It's not just ski trip i miss though, it's the missing of so much more. It's the freedom, the need to not worry, being surrounded by my very best friends, and just being. No hassels, no problems, just being there.

Yesterday, I had a thought. While washing the very last of some utterly disgusting dishes at work i remembered my previous motto "everything is only temporary." And even as my knuckle stung as i burnt it on the side of the toaster, and tripped on the mop, dropped the clean dishes on the floor and i thought my luck couldn't possibly get any worse, i stopped, on the verge of angry tears. By pure chance the radio began to play Michael Jackson's "Man in The Mirror," and I remembered. All the memories, all those days and nights lying around in our room, skiing in the sun, lazing around the lounge and just being flooded my mind. It's those moments that i love and live for. Those bliss moments.

It was a week of just pure amazingness. A week i would go back to gladly. In all honestly, i would go back to the week after Ski Trip just to feel the high I was still on and have all those tiny details and memories fresh in my mind without the haze of 100 days. A week that i will definitely cherish, like no other. I wouldn't change a single second of it - not one. Not the bus ride, the foggy first day, being locked out of our rooms or the power not working. Because it was those moments that made it so memorable, and not to mention, hilarious.

See, in the midst of my closing shift at work it made me realize that even in the worst of situations, (and i mean worst,) everyone has a moment that is there, lurking in the back of their minds waiting to be remembered. Waiting to save you from your own insanity. It's a powerful tool. So when you're in your worst pain or in the middle of the most deathly day, just remember. That's all.

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