Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Melbourne Diaries

These images are from last weeks short trip to Melbourne with my good friend Amelia. 
We ate too much, walked a lot, over-used our bank accounts, and shot lots of pretty pictures. 

Melbourne and all that occupy, you are pretty, lively, inspiring, and fulfilling, thank you for having us. We loved you. 

We will be seeing you again soon. 


PS, this blog has a new face, I hope you like it like I do. I will be here more often I promise.


  1. Love this! You have captured the essence of Melbourne. BRILLIANT!

  2. amazing photos!! so interesting faces and places.. <3

  3. Gorgeous photo diary, you are a talented (not to mention beautiful) young woman. Love your stuff chick!

  4. Great pics of your trip :)
    Thanks for sharing with us


    Coline !


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