Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wild Imagination

Model: Lizzie Ferguson
Makeup: Beauty by Andii
Clothing: WILDFOX couture

Rise up and be thankful for today for if we didn't learn a lot,
At least we learnt a little. And if we didn't learn a little,
At least we didn't get sick. And if we got sick,
At least we didn't die. 
- Buddha 

I could roll Buddha off my tongue like no mans business. The more I read, the more I nod my head and think 'this man knows all the answers to life.' In confusing times of life, aka now, Buddha comes through with quotes that cure any query.

About a week ago, I was innocently buying some Mini Melts (best icecream ever) from the local petrol station and I happened to drop my iPhone on the concrete floor - consequently smashing the screen badly. My immediate thoughts were (1) At least it still works, (2) At least it doesn't cut my fingers up and (3) At least I'm not dead. Third one is a little OTT, i know, but in such a materialistic world, it's so easy to get incredibly hung up on the things that don't really matter. iPhone screen is crappy right now, but it can be fixed and I still have my health, baby. Reverse your thinking and focus on the good.

Embrace your inner Buddha this week,



  1. amazing photos katherine. really stunning. you inspire me so much!


  2. you're photos are just beautiful. i love the simple, crystal-clear, yet vibrant colors (like the second one). & that quote inspires me; thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Beautiful photos!!!!!

    I'd pass out if I dropped and broke my iPhone. Ugh.

  4. Beautiful photos and I love the quote! Love it all!

  5. Beautiful photos and I love the quote! Love it all!


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