Monday, July 4, 2011


I feel terrible for my absence, but please let me explain myself.

No willing models in the house at 5pm results in test shooting the light, using myself.

My head is cluttered and clouded at this moment in time. I haven't blogged because I haven't had any adequate words. One day I'll wake wanting to write about something, and go to sleep wanting to write another. My feelings on something change with the hour. A reoccurring thought for me at the moment is my future, and how I'm getting there. Time is moving so fast, and my life is changing so much that i feel like i can't write the words properly, and in frustration - i don't write at all. (Have you sensed that I am a perfectionist yet?)
So I am sorry.

From this deep pit of my confused heart, I am sorry.

What i can tell you is, in four short months I will be finished with school forever.

It's like there is this line of 'before' and 'after' school. I can see the 'after' and i want the 'after' and when I get there, you will most certainly know. I will be sharing everything and anything i can. I have big plans, and big ideas so please, despite my reoccuring absence - stay with me. I won't disappoint you, I promise.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're busy and all your readers understand that. Soak in the last bit of school, but know you are headed towards bigger and better things.

    Marla @

  2. No need to apologize! Your work is stunning!

  3. You are being far too hard on yourself. Stop! We understand :) That shot of you in the light is magnificent.

  4. Love seeing your posts. Mine are just as hard to get done at the moment.
    No pressure!

  5. lots of hugs and don't worry, we will be here no matter how much time you take for you. xx

  6. Sweet girl, I feel your pain. Sometimes you just need to be where you are at...and if that is silent, that's okay. You'll find your voice again. Just be. xx

  7. Beautiful photo. I can relate to the cloudy head feeling....grrrrr....


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